Core Values


The members of The Costner Group are composed of the most driven, motivated individuals you will ever work with. You can expect tireless determination throughout your entire experience that will not waiver until the end goal is met. We are driven by the relationships we found and ultimate desire for success.


Personal integrity plays a large role in real estate law. There will always come a time in which deficiencies in closings occur. You can rely on our promise to always do what is right and be accountable when we are at fault. We will always follow through with our promises and will be responsible for resolving any matters that may arise throughout the closing process. We expect you to be accountable in all that you do, as well.


At The Costner Group we pride ourselves on being agile. We strive to make this a vital part of our everyday closing process. Real Estate transactions are a fluid process and we work to ensure that they stay on track no matter what. Being agile doesn’t simply start and stop with scheduling where the closing needs to occur; we strive to accommodate all of our client’s needs at even a moment’s notice. By being flexible and open to any changes they need we are able to offer the smoothest closing experience possible.


Our core focus is creating the best experience for our employees and our clients. At The Costner Group teamwork comes easy. We have multiple offices throughout the southeast and have established a system where working together is vital to our overall success. You can expect to interact with more than one of our staff members throughout your transaction because being a team here means having all hands on deck to deliver the best service possible. Founding lasting relationships is one of, if not the most important of our four core values. We expect to establish a lasting relationship with you when you trust us to handle your transaction. We hope that you will trust us for years to come and not just the occasional closing. By establishing a lasting relationship with you the entire closing process becomes seamless over time.